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Industry Viewpoint: Evolving your marketing strategy
If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, has it made a sound? If you can’t remember the brand that created your favorite Super Bowl commercial, was it effective? If you are still relying on the same advertising and marketing tactics you did 10 years ago, are you reaching the audience you need to? If you build it, will they come? The answer is no, excect maybe the tree question, that is a debate for another... Read more

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Ciruli Champagne mangos to have promotional volumes for spring holidays
Ciruli Bros. LLC plans to be shipping a full volume of Champagne-brand Ataulfo mangos in the first week of March. Ciruli began harvesting these Ataulfo mangos in Chiapas in mid-February, with the fruit arriving at the firm’s Donna, TX, facility the week of Feb. 17. The fruit is also to be shipped to Ciruli’s Nogales headquarters in time for distribution by late... Read more

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R.C.F. expanding early mango volume
R.C.F. Distributors LLC enters the new Mexican mango season with the resources of a new packingshed in Chiapas. This shed is in a town with the remarkable name of Ocozocoautla de Espinoza. Malú Crespo, president of the firm, indicated that the new facility becomes the second packinghouse in Chiapas for El Grupo Crespo, the parent company of a firm operated by... Read more


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Apeel welcomes new director of foodservice
Apeel Sciences, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and one of TIME magazine's 50 Genius Companies, appointed Taylor Sokol as the company’s director of foodservice. Sokol will establish and manage relationships with both commercial and non-commercial foodservice customers, including distributors,... Read more