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Apeel giving citrus fruits a longer shelf life
Following the successful launch with Apeel avocados, EDEKA and Netto now plan to market Apeel oranges and clementines, which will lead to less food waste throughout the supply chain, saving millions of gallons of water and metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the coming months. The EDEKA Group is extending its commitment to fighting food waste. Apeel produce has a protective layer consisting of plant-based materials... Read more

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Brothers All Natural launches two new products
Brothers All Natural has introduced two new products: chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate-covered bananas. The fruit is sourced from prime growing regions and sent directly through its state-of-the-art freeze-dried process, gently removing any water. The fruit is then covered in 60 percent cacao chocolate, making for chocolate-covered fruit rich with... Read more

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Paterson Pickle Co. going green
Marc and Eric Nadel are no strangers to the pickle business, having been around them their entire life. As president of Paterson, NJ-based Paterson Pickle Co., Marc has helped lead the company to great success, as well as meet customers’ needs. Now, even though it’s more expensive, and even though the company won’t pass along the cost, Paterson Pickle feels... Read more


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Hamburg Süd chief to retire
Frank Smet, chief commercial officer of Hamburg Süd, will be going into retirement at the end of March after roughly 27 years with the company. Smet, who has been working in the shipping industry for over 40 years — including in Brazil, Chile, Australia and Hong Kong — has been a member of Hamburg Süd’s... Read more